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Why Johnstown?

Luzurne Street

Passionate, resilient, adaptable, ambitious, adventurous, and reliable are just a few of the words used to described residents of Johnstown.

Throughout the years, Johnstown has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Those lows have not dwindled the residents’ undeniable passion for the community and the people in it. In fact, those lows have encouraged residents to come together in new ways.

Johnstown has rightfully been nicknamed “Flood City” by both residents and people from across the country. The city was hit with three major floods in 1889, 1936, and 1977. Although the destruction of each of these floods was great, the resilience shown by the residents was even more powerful. Right away, community members rolled up their sleeves and got to work reassembling the town. When another flood hit then one more, the attitude of the residents did not falter. They were still focused on rebuilding their town through whatever efforts they could manage. This speaks to the “can-do” attitude residents of Johnstown bolster.

Now almost 45 years after the last flood, Johnstown continues to adapt and change. With a passionate group of community leaders, the rebuilding of Johnstown continues with bigger dreams and higher hopes.

Some people may only know us for our historic floods, but that is only a small portion of our heritage. Johnstown was first nicknamed a “City of Immigrants,” and that nickname still holds true to this day. We welcome everyone to our small town because in 1800 this simple act of kindness is what helped create this strong community.

Past residents helped shape the city of Johnstown into a steelmaking capital, railroad center, and canal port. Although these features are no longer as prominent in the city, they are still relevant to our past and our future. We are excited to continue moving forward toward a brighter tomorrow and are looking for more people to join us.

Restaurants, bars, and small businesses are continuously choosing to call Johnstown home, and residential spaces are growing in number. Residents and visitors are flocking to the numerous events and festivals being held downtown. Johnstown is truly a wonderful place to live, work, and play.  We think it is the perfect time to move to Johnstown. How about you? 

We are so much more than just “Flood City.” Come learn more about Johnstown today!