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Let’s Eat – Downtown Johnstown

Johnstown Firefighters Memorial Bridge

When you live in Johnstown, delicious food and drink options are at your fingertips. From classic cuisine to local favorites, downtown Johnstown boasts many options for whenever you don’t feel like cooking.  

Balance Restaurant

Balance Restaurant offers a unique dining option for the residents and guests of downtown Johnstown. Upscale and modern dining is a focus for this restaurant, and they achieve this through their trendy space and distinctive dishes. For lunch, Balance is centered on creating lighter options for their guests – juices, smoothies, acai bowls, salads, wraps, and so much more. When it comes to dinner, the restaurant offers a creative dining experience with exciting weekly specials including signature cocktails. With an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and a variety of dishes, Balance has quickly become a well-known restaurant in downtown Johnstown as well as the surrounding areas.

Coney Island Johnstown

Since 1916, Johnstown’s Coney Island has been serving hot dogs, hamburgers, and the local favorite, Sundowners. What is a Sundowner you may ask? A perfectly grilled burger topped with Coney Island’s famous chili, diced onions, and a fried egg. Don’t knock it until you try! Now serving breakfast, Coney Island has been a downtown staple for many years, especially for a tasty late-night snack. The delicious food found at Coney Island is unique to the area… so unique that brides and grooms will request a tray of the famous Coney Island hotdogs, hamburgers, and Sundowners be delivered to their wedding reception as a parting gift for their guests. Talk about hometown loyalty!

Stonebridge Brewing

Serving mouthwatering craft beer to the Laurel Highlands is Stonebridge Brewing’s specialty. The draft beer list boasts lagers, stouts, IPAs, wheat beers, and hard seltzers – all carefully crafted in Stonebridge’s own taproom. On the list, some drafts are offered year-round while seasonal items or new flavors make the list about once a month. Not only does Stonebridge offer great craft beer, but the taproom is also home to delicious food. Weekly specials grace the menu while old favorites hold their place. Stonebridge Brewing is a great restaurant downtown for craft beer lovers and food enthusiasts!

Flood City Café

While this restaurant was first known for their coffee and early morning delicacies, it has quickly moved into a unique restaurant space for breakfast and lunch. Flood City Café is home to a variety of coffee and specialty drinks, and the thoughtfully curated food menu adds breakfast sandwiches, pastries, paninis, salads, wraps, and soups. Enjoy your coffee, breakfast, or lunch in the inviting meeting space or take your order to go. The welcoming staff will ensure that you have a great experience at this restaurant. Flood City Café is also home to many events such as open mic nights and live entertainment. This restaurant is a Johnstown favorite for their specialty coffees and tasty breakfast and lunch menus!

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These are just a few of the local favorites downtown. Even more delectable options are listed below!