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5 Events UPJ Students Should Look Forward To

Unsure what to do? Bored out of your mind? Take a look at the list below, where Johnstown already made exciting plans for you and your friends. The good news is that these five events are not the only ones happening soon, so be sure to check out Visit Johnstown’s calendar and UPJ’s calendar to find out more.

Pitt-Johnstown: Pizza with Professors

Start off the fall semester by winding down and eating delicious pizza with a professor you like on campus. Free of charge, you can grab a slice on August thirty-first from 5:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. Don’t miss out on a good time.

Log House Arts Festival

Hosted in the Westmont area, the Log House Arts Festival is a yearly event that is loved by many. The festival features hand-crafted items like jewelry, pottery, rugs, handbags, sweatshirts, and much more. Mark your calendars for September third and fourth to spend some time with friends for a fun yet educational day and understanding cultural attractions.

Jim Mayer Trail Family Fun Run

Want to release some stress through exercise? This family-friendly run is great for anyone who wants to run . Don’t take the title too seriously though, as you don’t need to be with family to enter this event. Wake up bright and early on September third to get that runner’s high by running a 5k or 10k. 

Sandyvale Wine Festival

Join Sandyvale Memorial Gardens located on 80 Hickory Street to get a wine-tastic experience. Only on September tenth, there will be sixteen wineries present for those to savor the flavors. Gourmet food vendors along with entertainment to give people a delightful time, just for a small price of admission.


Who doesn’t like potatoes? With Cambria County being the second largest supplier of this starchy goodness in the state, an all day event will be held on September twenty-fourth in Ebensburg. With potatoes made in every type of way imaginable. There will be performers to entertain people of all ages and other vendors who offer other types of entertainment like arts and crafts.