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Hometown Christmas Stroll & Light Up Night

Christmas music begins to play. A wave of silence washes over the crowd as everyone turns their attention to the AmeriServ building. A holiday display appears towards the top of the historic brick structure. A few seconds later, the countdown begins.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… the Christmas Tree @ Central Park comes alive with flashing lights, perfectly in-time with the music.

Johnstown’s Central Park is filled to capacity as the community gathers to take part in this magical night. Now, family and friends stand with their arms around each other and admire the gorgeous holiday display.

Thanks to the volunteers at Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership, the annual Hometown Christmas Stroll & Light Up Night is something the community is able to look forward to every holiday season. Without this group, many of the holiday activities in Downtown would not be possible. Every year, the Christmas Tree @ Central Park helps bring the Johnstown community together.

A few hours before this, visitors from across the region ventured downtown to secure a parking space and enjoy the Hometown Christmas Stroll happening along Main Street. Giant balloons featuring holiday friends such as Rudolph, Santa, a Christmas elf, and so many more line the streets, poised for the perfect photo opportunity. Local vendors are positioned in between each of the balloons and offer local favorites such as pierogis and gobs along with holiday treats like candy canes, popcorn balls, and hot chocolate. Each of the downtown businesses eagerly welcomed visitors inside their doors. Christmas carolers delighted the audience both along Main Street and inside one of the buildings. The holiday celebrations began a couple hours before the Christmas Tree @ Central Park was even lit!  

For the next six weeks, the Christmas Tree @ Central Park will welcome visitors every night. Johnstown’s downtown region will see a boost of traffic as people from across the county, state, and even country visit this animated Christmas display. Local stores will be filled, and restaurants will see an influx of customers. Some will even say “Wow, I didn’t know there was so much downtown.”

Each year, our downtown region grows and grows. This is one of the many events that calls downtown Johnstown home, and with each one of them, the number of “Wow, I didn’t know there was so much downtown” decreases.

The Christmas Tree @ Central Park is so much more than just a holiday decoration. It allows families the opportunity to spend quality time with each other while visiting the display downtown. It creates an attraction for out-of-town visitors to enjoy when they come to Johnstown for the holidays. It helps promote the small businesses in Johnstown and allows them to welcome in even more guests during the holiday season. It creates lasting memories in the minds of all who visit. The Christmas Tree @ Central Park is so much more than a decoration – it’s a figure that helps to encapsulate the values of the Johnstown community and foreshadows Johnstown’s exciting future.

Downtown Johnstown is growing and expanding each and every day. The people who live and work here might not be able to see it as easily as those who visit from another county or state. We promise, there are good things happening downtown, and the Christmas Tree @ Central Park is just one of them.

We encourage you to come see this wondrous light display and Christmas tree for yourself. While you’re downtown, visit one of our many small businesses and restaurants.

One thing is for sure – the people of Johnstown are passionate about their community and creating events for all to enjoy.