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Steve Ditko and Spider-Man in Johnstown, PA

Everyone is invited to join in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Spiderman by honoring his co-creator, Steve Ditko, in his hometown of Johnstown, PA!

Bottle Works has invited the community to put their painting clothes on and join the organization as they complete the first of three planned murals honoring Steve Ditko. Bottle Works’ artists will oversee the painters and help guide them in the process.

Guests are invited to reserve a 30-minute slot to paint a piece of this historic mural that will be located at the Stone Bridge Brewing Company. This project is the first and only Marvel Comics-approved public art piece anywhere in the world. What an amazing opportunity and chance to take part in something that has never been done before and will never be done elsewhere. Bottle Works’ officials are excited for the community to be involved in this project and feel that those taking part will be connected to the work in a deeper way.

The Spider-Man and Doctor Strange mural is 49 feet wide and 28 feet tall, which breaks down into 50 5-foot-by-6-foot panels available for the community to paint. Once the community painting portion is complete, Bottle Works’ artists will touch up and do line work to finalize each panel.

The piece will then be transported from Bottle Works and affixed to the Washington Street facing wall at Stone Bridge Brewery Co., 106 Franklin St., downtown Johnstown. The tentative plan is to have the mural installed in early June 2022.

Bottle Works and the Ditko estate, with the support of Marvel Comics, will also create two more public art pieces honoring Ditko. The site for the second mural will be placed on Bottle Works’ Flagship Tulip Building. The third mural site has not been finalized, but those working on this project are focusing on Johnstown’s West End where Ditko grew up.

“Steve was a pioneer in the comic industry, and over his seven decades in the industry he created or co-created hundreds of characters that have become icons in modern American mythology,” said Matt Lamb, Bottle Works’ creative director. “His impact will continue on for years to come, and the most important aspect of all of that is that he was born and raised in Johnstown.”