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Living in Johnstown

Downtown Johnstown and the Inclined Plane

Downtown Johnstown and the Inclined Plane.

Some easy living in Johnstown. We’re big enough to provide a diverse array of neighborhoods and housing choices, yet still totally manageable from a livability perspective. Commute times and affordability are off the charts (in a good way), crime is low, urban and neighborhood character is high, the schools are great, the food is fabulous, the culture is diverse yet distinct, and outdoor amenities abound. Johnstown is the best secret in Pennsylvania.

10 Things to Know Before You Move to Johnstown

So, you’re thinking of moving to Johnstown? We think that’s a great idea! We might be a little biased, but we think it’s a spectacular place to live, work, and play. Did we mention the food? Well, we’ll get to that a little later. Johnstown is quickly expanding and growing into a well-rounded city. Come check it out – you won’t be disappointed! Before you visit, here’s 10 things to know that will make you feel like a Johnstown local.

Let’s Eat – Richland

We have said it before, and we will say it again – Johnstown is full of amazing food options for residents and visitors to enjoy. Whether you are craving international or traditional cuisine, our city is sure to have it. People come from across the region to enjoy Johnstown’s restaurants. Some people don’t realize how much is right outside their door. Let’s find out which restaurants call the Richland area home!

Let’s Eat – Westmont

If you are searching for inviting establishments to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Westmont area has some great options for you. From up-scale dining to local pizza shops, this region, nicknamed “Johnstown’s historic neighborhood,” is full of restaurants for you to enjoy.